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Italian Real Estate Lawyers

Italian Real Estate Lawyers

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Our team is made up of professionals with complementary backgrounds and know-how, specializing in Italian real estate law, in particular non contentious commercial and residential property law, with a particular specialization in transactions with a cross-border component. Our team includes Italian lawyers and qualified consultants fluent in English, Spanish and Russian. With offices in Italy and in the U.S., we are well-positioned to assist clients with legal matters in markets that are unfamiliar to them. At the core of our philosophy is a focus on each case's nuances. We are committed to the highest quality of care, from the first call to the completion of the purchase. As such, our firm is perfect to deal with transactions where an understanding of both legal jurisdictions and both cultures is necessary, and has acquired substantial experience in assisting English, Spanish and Russian speaking clients investing in Italy (where the knowledge of both legal systems and languages is essential). We provide a preliminary consultancy with an Italian Expert in real estate law (fluent in English) designed to answer all of your questions in a clear and concise manner. The helpful information that you will receive will allow you to better decide which is the service that best suits your need.


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