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Sitting next to strategic investors in Israel with Sharon Weshler in Global-Market Team Ventures

19 Maggio 2010 - Autore: Redazione

Sitting next to strategic investors in Israel with Sharon Weshler in Global-Market Team Ventures

Please introduce yourself, your professional career and your company.

My name is Sharon Weshler, I’m 42 years old, I spent the last 12 years on planes, building Channel Sales and Business Development, pitching Israeli technologies around the world. I worked for Israeli Software, Hardware, Mobile apps and Information Security companies such as CommTouch (NASDAQ CTCH), Finjan Inc, Formula (NASDAQ FRTY), Top Image Systems (NASDAQ TISA) and Israel On Line (IOL) and also managed a couple of short term projects.

My main markets were Asia PAC, Scandinavia, Australia and the South African and Israeli areas, as well as some work in Italy, Germany, Turkey and Spain.

I generated many millions of dollars in sales until I decided in late 2005 to start my own Investment brokerage operation – Global MarkeTeam Ventures Ltd.

Global MarkeTeam Ventures consist on two main activities : The first and main activity is locating and establishing business relations with HNW individuals in Israel , Europe and the U.S. in a smart boutique mode, where I personally sit with angel investors and learn what they are seeking, understand what they will invest in, ask the right questions to get answers like : “I would be a smart money investment in this and that”, “I will put this amount in such and such company”, “in these time frames” etc…, once all relevant intelligence is gathered I go to make my homework – trying to match from my DB of over 1500 Israeli Hi-tech ventures the right companies, my “hand picked Cherries”.

This first activity over the past 4 years got over two dozen Israeli early stage start up companies funded, from $250,000 to  $3M, I also got a  substantial investment to a technology incubator and got them privatized from the Israeli Chief Scientist (OCS).  My current Angel investors DB consist of nearly 300 active Angel investors domestically and abroad out of tens of angels put money in hand picked deals I presented to them over the last 4 years.

My second activity under Global MarkeTeam Ventures is High level Business Networking and door opening to more mature ventures in Israel, getting companies with a sellable product in front of strategic investors, potential channels and strategic partners in both Asia, Europe and somewhat in the states too.

The model is based on success alone, I believe in picking the right companies to work with, where you believe in the Team, the product and the market and get them where they want to be on the Business development angle. On the same Business development front I manage with a partner the presence of a couple of consumer electronics conglomerates in Israel, where we act as the local agents for companies like HHR (Hutchinson Harbor Ring) and others.

As of February 1st I also joined a new Israeli investment house led by a group of very high level Hi-tech professionals and we aim to be a leading player already in 2010 in the early stage investments Israeli scene, we officially launch our activity and strategy in a couple of months time and I will be happy to further discuss it then. In general – we will manage over $30M and invest in fast exit generating ventures in the area of Software, Mobile, Web3.0, IT and Social Media, investing $2-3M in ventures that can and will be sold at $30-80M 2-4 years later, somewhat a real need in the local pond where most VCs cease to operate in that space.

The article continues to International Alternative Investment Review - n.1, 2010


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