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LE FONTI TV: NEW 2018 TV programming schedule to be unveiled

3 Ottobre 2018 - Autore: Redazione


New broadcast formats and anchors to be featured in addition to a well-rounded and renowned TV broadcast line-up

LeFonti’s live streaming television is the only all news broadcasting service focused exclusively on economic, financial, legal, and infotainment topics around the clock, 24/7.

Benefiting from LeFonti’s renowned news broadcast platform, programming will now feature a complete range of economic and news broadcasts reaching over 1 million online visitors, including business leaders, managers and investors, from over 125 countries worldwide.

The 2018 Fall/Winter season will introduce a full line of broadcast formats and Tv anchormen to join the trusted team of LeFonti’s newsroom journalists, including Giuseppe Di Vittorio, Annabella D’Argento, Manuela Donghi, Alessia Liparoti, Annalisa Lospinuso, Angela Maria Scullica, Alex Soldati and Simona Vantaggiato.

The season will feature a new economic roundtable talk show exclusively hosted by the world-famous American writer and news pundit, Alan Friedman. The talk show will host a wide range of nationally and internationally-recognized contributors and guests and put economic and financial news in the spotlight as it pushes for answers and transparency, providing critical analysis on economic and financial news topics of national and global interest.

Ilaria Brugnotti, the well-known Italian TV commentator, writer, and journalist specialized in coverage of the automobile market, will be hosting a new dedicated news broadcast. The program will include both a news summary, with full national and international market coverage, along with a monthly 30-minute talk show roundtable with expert in-depth analysis and commentary from guests and contributors from around the world.


LeFonti’s television broadcasting is supported by a wide range of multimedia formats: online economic magazines, gala conferences and events, as well as complementary television and digital news reporting, to ensure up-to-date and accurate business news information.


The launch of LeFonti’s new 2018 Fall/Winter broadcast season will coincide with the series of its renowned national and international awards ceremony events now branded as LeFonti Awards - Winter Edition. The gala events will be held in London, Milan, and Dubai from October to December 2018.


The event format will be divided in two distinct sessions, LeFonti Day and LeFonti Night: the former includes a series of events which include business forums and roundtables. The events involve the participation of nationally and internationally-recognized opinion leaders and business experts and can be followed live in studio or via live streaming. The live studio audience includes prominent professionals in the fields of economics, finance, law and insurance.
The latter includes worldwide media coverage involving CEO, CFO, and leading executives from around the world participating in a roundtable discussion called “CEO Summit”,
an open discussion on a wide range of topics involving the economy and more. The world-recognized Le Fonti awards ceremonies follow and include winners from companies and law firms of the highest caliber selected by an esteemed jury. The entire evening is covered worldwide by Le Fonti’s live streaming TV broadcast and includes in-depth reporting from our newsroom.



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