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Guido Giommi: Global Entrepreneur and Top Lawyer. All about Guido Giommi

18 Gennaio 2012 - Autore: Redazione

 Guido Giommi is a global entrepreneur and top international lawyer: from Milan to Asia.

He founded global publishing houses, and one of his magazine IAIR (International Alternative Investment Review) is one of the fast growing alternative investment magazines worldwide and the first, according to Alexa – Amazon,  for international ranking and number of readers.

In fact, IAIR has recently surpassed international and well known magazines like Euromoney, Institutional Investor, Reuters Hedgeworld, Financial Time Wealth Monitor.

Below you can see more about the official ranking


Guido is not only a global business man, he's also a lwayer and special advisor for very wealthy families.

In addition to working with wealthy families, Guido Giommi has worked with the leaders and foundators of global financial institutions to increase their performance, including Rockefeller, Morgan Stanley, Blackstone Group, JP Morgan.
Source: Bloomberg


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