Guida all'inglese per lavoro. Difference between curriculum vitae, resumè and cover letter 2011, 2012 e 2013

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 Guida all’inglese per lavoro. Difference between curriculum vitae, resumè and cover letter 2011, 2012 e 2013



It’s a word taken from the French term which means summary. A short, written, impersonal account of your education and previous work experience or professional qualifications.

The primary objectives of a resumè are to wet the appetite of a potential employer and to obtain an interview.


Curriculum vitae

This term is used differently in the USA and Europe. The distinction lies both in the length and style of the document.

In Europe the terme CV can be synonymous with the American word resumè as described above, while in the US CV is an expanded version of a resumè used primarly for teaching or scientific candidates. Infact it contains detailed information on education, publications, projects, award and work industry.


Cover letter (also called “letter of inquiry”)

The letter that always accompanies a resumè unless there has been a specific request not to send one.

It provides an opportunity to personalize one’s introduction and highlight specific skills and objectives (as opposed to the impersonal presentation in the resumè).

In addition, it should briefly explain why you are the best candidate and state succinctly the specific contributions you feel that you’d make if you were awarded the position.


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